My name's Corey and I love taking photos!
Photography isn't just technology or another art form but a human instinct to capture what will be only a memory in the past, a gift to freeze time in our constant moving lives.

With over 10 years worth of photographic experience, the ability to shoot and catch what is in action just gets better with age. I'm a self taught photographer from Houston, TX, with a long passion for taking creative pictures either eventful or just capturing a creative mood and the personalities of people. I have an extensive background as a multi faceted artist which some how translates into doing photographic work as well. I say the sky isn't the limit, man has taken photos beyond the earth so the imagination and its possiblities are infinite and beyond!

Equipment I use:
+Canon 5D Mark III
+Canon 7D
+Canon Speedlites 430 exii and 580 exii
+Trigmasters ii and Pocket Wizards

+soft boxes/umbrellas
+Gary Fong diffuser